TILDE - Basic examples

In order to present an idea of what is intended these examples are created from items in hand and Marc records.

1. A guide to the Vindolanda Roman Fort in Northumberland.

   title~ The Vindolanda Guide
   written~by~ Andrew Birley
   is-a~ booklet
      comprises~ text, illustrations, photographs, maps
      by~ Roman Army Museums Publications
      location~ Carvoran, Greenhead, Northumberland, CA8 7JB, United Kingdom
      date~ 2015
      format~ softcover, printed, paper; 50 pages; 18cm
      identifier~ ISBN 9781873136 591
      copyright~ The Vindolanda Trust
         date~ 2015
         url~ www.vindolanda.com
      A well illustrated guide to the site of Vindolanda, a roman fort just 
      south of Hadrians Wall in Northumberland, United Kingdom. Important 
      buildings on the site are described along with their associated 
      archaeology. The description includes various artifacts discovered 
      at the site and on show in the museum.

2. "The United States of anger", a book by Gavin Esler based on travels in the US in 1996.

   title~ The United States of anger
      subtitle~ the people and the American dream
      by~ Gavin Esler
   is-a~ book
      comprises~ text, notes, bibliography, index
          language~ english
             ~ The rules have changed
             ~ Freezing the American dream
             ~ America's fifty years war
             ~ Working in the United States of anxiety
             ~ The death of the American hero and the rise of the culture 
                of victims
             ~ The rule of law and the rule of lawyers
             ~ America in black, white and green
             ~ Pity the poor immigrants
             ~ Snakes in church
             ~ Guns, God, gays and gynaecology
             ~ State of apathy
             ~ The United States of apathy
             ~ The Wilburns and the Oklahoma bombing conspiracy
             ~ Conspiracy culture from red scare to fed scare
             ~ Bad news~ garbage in, garbage out
             ~ Why Americans hate Washington
             ~ Governor zipper problem and the United States of anger
             ~ Postscript~ after anger.
      by~ Micheal Joseph, The Penguin Group
      location~ London
      date~ 1997
      format~ hardcover, print, paper; viii, 344 pages; 20cm
          identifier~ ISBN 0718142357
      An account of a journey across the United States by Gavin Esler, the
      BBC's Washington correspondent, who listened to the hopes and fears 
      of ordinary and extraordinary Americans. The result is a dramatic 
      and humourous analysis of the crumbling of the American Dream. Gavin 
      Esler finds American people at their angriest, and most disconnected 
      from each other and from their governments. Will it lead to civil 
      war or a break-up of the US or dictatorship?       

3. A example of a list of terms used to describe places in a specific location, Tadcaster.

This list is for illustrative purposes and is incomplete.

~id~ tadcaster
~language~ english
~updated~ Sat 24 Aug 2019 10:52:09 BST

Location~ Tadcaster
  description~ Places in Tadcaster arranged by roads and street with 
        important buildings and specific areas included. Tadcaster is 
        split into two halves, Westa and East, divided by the River Wharfe.
        In times past these were two separate administrative parishes. 
  ~ Tadcaster West
    ~ High Street
        ~ Sam Smith's Old Brewery
        ~ John Smith's Brewery
        ~ Methodist Church
        ~ Strafford House
    ~ Bridge Street
    ~ Kirkgate
        ~ The Ark
            ~ Tadcaster Town Council
        ~ St Mary's Church
        ~ Old Vicarage
        ~ Girls' Sunday School
    ~ Westgate
        ~ Riley Smith Hall
        ~ Tadcaster Community Swimming Pool
        ~ War memorial
    ~ Chapel Street
        ~ Salvation Army meeting hall
    ~ New Street
        ~ Sam Smith's Old Brewery
    ~ Centre lane
        ~ John Smith's Brewery
    ~ St Joseph's Street
        ~ St Joseph's Catholic Church
    ~ Churchyard
        ~ Boys' Sunday School
    ~ Station Road
        ~ St Joseph's Primary School
        ~ Tadcaster Leisure Centre
        ~ Moolson Corrs Brewery
    ~ Wetherby Road
        ~ Riverside Primary School
    ~ Ladypitts
        ~ Manor House Farm
    ~ Leeds Road
        ~ Tadcaster Cemetry
    ~ London Road
    ~ Stutton Road
    ~ Garnet Lane
    ~ Smaws
    ~ Woodlands Avenue