Metadata - a new idea

A new method for representing metadata. If you wish to comment, please email me, Bill Oldroyd.

Metadata describes information resources and things related to them, people, organisations, objects, events and so forth.

This proposal concerns the manner in which descriptions of these resources are recorded and presented. An hierarchical format is proposed in an arrangement inspired by YAML. A resource description can be created using a text editor. With minor adaptation, this format could be used for display. The simplicity and clarity of the format assists understanding of the manner in which the metadata is constructed, thus allowing experimentation and development.

The choice of resource attributes and properties is illustrative, not definitive. The review of current schemes is a basis for the choices made, but there are differences which illustrate a different way to describe information resources.


Basic format
An explanation of the format used in the descriptions.
A number of basic examples
Two simple examples of descriptions for books.
Entities are attributes
The use of attributes as the collection point for entity descriptions.